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A Local Expert Committed to Excellence

One unique selling point of Baumann Enterprises, Inc. is our comprehensive range of services, which are  all conveniently located at one facility. Customers can easily take advantage of our demolition, excavating, environmental remediation, recycling, scrap metal purchasing, asbestos abatement, and interior demolition services all in one place. This streamlined approach allows for efficient project management and cost-effective solutions for our clients. Baumann Enterprises, Inc., is a third-generation demolition, excavating and environmental remediation contractor. At our facility, Baumann’s Recycling Center processes all demolition and construction debris to produce, crush and sell recycled materials. Chaincraft Iron and Metal is also available to purchase scrap metals at our location. Lastly, Cleveland Environmental Services is here to provide asbestos abatement and interior demolition. Our one facility in Garfield Heights, has a fleet of equipment, including hydraulic excavators with grapples, concrete processers, impact hammers, and steel sheering attachments. We also have on-site dozers, track and wheel loaders, vibratory compactors, and skid steer wheel loaders to help with demolition and recycling needs. In addition, we also operate dump trucks, tractor-trailers, and roll-off trucks.

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